Tasting Glasses


The goal of this project was to utilize design to target a local business and rethink some aspect of their operation. Additionally, we had the opportunity to work with the glass blowers at Corning Glass Labs to realize our final prototypes.

Our group considered several local Syracuse businesses and became interested in Beak & Skiff, an apple orchard that has recently spun off the successful 1911 hard cider brand. While visiting Beak & Skiff to investigate any practices that could be modified or improved, we noticed that their promoted tasting experience felt rushed and was difficult to enjoy.


Customers used a provided sheet to indicate which flavor they wanted to try. Each flavor had an associated color which had a corresponding tap handle.


One issue with the tasting experience is that only one over sized tumbler glass is used per customer, making it difficult for customers to keep track of which flavor is being provided.


For the redesigned tasting glass, we aimed to decrease its size, incorporate a holder to group each customer’s choices together, and to also use the Beak & Skiff brand colors on the glasses as flavor indicators.

Using color as a flavor indicator makes it easier for the customer to remember which flavor was poured into each glass.


3D-printed prototypes allowed us to easily fine tune the ergonomics of the tasting glass. This 3D model was used to measure the final prototypes during their production.

Working with the Corning Glass Lab allowed us to produce our final prototypes using actual glass.

Our final prototype model:


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Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards