I am an internationally experienced UX designer who has developed e-commerce platforms and promotional website designs for companies in Singapore, London, Syracuse, and New York. In 2019, I was hired by ClassLink to revamp their promotional website and in 2020, I took over direction of their UX design team.

Previously, I co-headed UX development for Lazada EXPRESS, a same-day delivery e-commerce platform for the Lazada Group, a company under Alibaba. I also designed and launched the website for Terradiol, a biopharmaceutical company promoting cannabinoid healthcare.

Beyond UX strategy, design, and implementation I possesses a variety of skills, including physical prototyping, soft goods production, 3D modeling, simulation, and motion graphics. In college, a passion for medical design lead to a study about hospital gowns and their affect on patient dignity. A high proficiency with HTML, CSS, and a general knowledge of IT-related skills makes me a great communicator when it comes to understanding technical project specs and details.

Personally, I am passionate about all things hacking and maker-related, and am a born cinephile.


SolidWorks Professional - C-5F9R3PN82R | 2019

SolidWorks Associate - C-BNWYVBN5SS | 2018

PDF resume available by clicking here