Lazada Express Branding

📅 November 02, 2019

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While working for the Lazada Group in Singapore, I assisted with the graphic design and brand positioning of their EXPRESS and SUPERMART sub-services. As part of their general expansion plan throughout South East Asia, Lazada had explored the idea of same-day delivery service to compete with companies like Amazon Prime Now. The EXPRESS service would focus on the same day delivery of general goods, while SUPERMART was more focused on food and household items.

Our design goal was to establish the EXPRESS and SUPERMART names as distinct entities with the Lazada umbrella of services, which meant creating a system of mission statements and brand pillars with which we could align a visual language to. This resulted in the creation of a brand guide, along with a series of banners, templates, and email designs all of which helped articulate the precise nature of the EXPRESS and SUPERMART brands.




As a very new entity under the Lazada umbrella of companies, our EXPRESS DELIVERY service suffered from a lack of cohesion with regards to identity and visual alignment. Through discussions with stakeholders and the core Lazada branding team, we worked to establish brand pillars which would inform our messaging and use of visual elements. We recorded these decisions regarding the EXPRESS corporate identity in a branding guide, which was in turn used to maintain consistent messaging and visual alignment across any assets generated for the platform. Page samples:

20180222 Express Brandbook Final-1

20180222 Express Brandbook Final Page 02

20180222 Express Brandbook Final Page 07

20180222 Express Brandbook Final Page 08

20180222 Express Brandbook Final Page 12

20180222 Express Brandbook Final Page 13

Express Delivery Brand Assets

Banner sample:


phone 1x

Seller information packet samples:

7-info-sheet Page 1

7-info-sheet Page 4

7-info-sheet Page 3

Animation experimentation:

Comp-1 1 1

Comp-2 6

SUPERMART branding

In addition to establishing the EXPRESS DELIVERY identity, we also started the process of looping in the existing SUPERMART brand and aligning it as a co-platform that would exist alongside the EXPRESS platform. We created a similar brand guide that expressed values and visual styles distinct from the main EXPRESS platform, but characterized them in a similar way so as to make its messaging clear and intuitive.

Logo experimentation:

20180309 Express Supermart TH Logo V1-02

Brand book samples:

5-supermart-brandbook-2 Page 1

5-supermart-brandbook-2 Page 2

5-supermart-brandbook-2 Page 3

5-supermart-brandbook-2 Page 6

5-supermart-brandbook-2 Page 9